Rebecca Sugar (Wiki, Tumblr, CC2012 Medley) was an Adventure Time writer, storyboard artist, and composer until leaving to create Steven Universe. She created several songs for the series, all of which I grew to love, so I compiled them all together on one page. I also added the opening theme and a fan song I really liked. Rebecca Sugar composed most of her songs on the ukulele and the chords I've listed mostly come from her tumblr. Currently only GCEA Tuned Ukulele Chords are listed, but that might change.

I've included Lyrics, Chords, Youtube links (which will probably last less than a week, but whatever), and song commentary links. I'm not very musical, but hopefully I mostly did the music side of this site right.

If you want to learn to play the ukulele, Rebecca Sugar's short and sweet Adventure Time songs are a great, fun place to start. Even a non-serious, complete beginner can strum out the songs. Just get a ukulele (cheap ones are less than $30), tune it to GCEA (I use the iOS tun-d Free app, but use any option you like), and then follow the pictures on this page. You can also watch a few beginner's lessons on youtube, but you should be able to jump into the Adventure Time songs right away. A "Down Down Up Up Down Up" strum (or even just a "Down" strum) is good enough. If you have trouble with any chords, just find an easier chord that sounds close enough (for example, use Bm instead of a B7). Have fun with it-

Library-wise, this site uses JQuery, Bootstrap, and lunr.js. Lunr.js is used for client side search, but it's a little spotty. The embedded music are just minimized youtube videos. I've really only tested this page in Chrome. Feel free to play with code, all the song info is in the data.js file. Sorry the code is so bad, but this is just a quick one-off site and I didn't want to spend too much time on it. Feel free to try to fix it.

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